• Pre-construction of Buildings, Including Design, Integration, Manufacturing and Assembly Using Cold Form Steel Structures (CFS) with Millimeter Precision
    • We do Residential Projects, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Mall, Warehouse or Galleries, Concessionaires, Cold Rooms, Office Buildings, Student Dormitories, Others
    • Sto Panel: Precast Exterior Insulated Wall System (EIFS)
    • Prefabricated Bathrooms
    • BIM / BAM Technology Consulting Services (Trimble Product Specialists)
    • TX Modular (Modular Buildings) New


Building Construction Systems Residential

Building Construction Systems Industrial

Certificaciones Termotex

Design Standards and Regulations

In Panama
REP-2014 approval
Resolution No. JTIA-185-2015
Chapter 9.2 Cold Formed Steel
North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members, American Institute of Iron and Steel (AISI), 2013 edition.

BIM Project Design
Industrialized Manufacturing concept (Printing Structures)
Delivery time

In America
Approval with AISI S240-15 standard
North American Standard for Cold – Formed Steel Structural Framing.

Logo Stopabel - Termotex

Exterior Precast Insulated Wall System (EIFS)

As the world’s leading wall cladding system and the world’s largest manufacturer of insulated wall systems, it now offers the most advanced technology in precast insulated wall panel solutions. Its systematized approach to panel construction offers many benefits over traditional precast panels, including speed, value, and superior performance.

Sto panels are lightweight, energy efficient, durable, and available in a wide variety of aesthetic options.

Presentation Sto Panel

Sto Panel Technology - Panel Installation

Panel Installation


Baños Pre-construidos - Termotex

Photograph courtesy of Albabath Italia

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