It is an innovative, international company with firm values that specializes in the design, integration, prefabrication and assembly of industrialized insulating construction systems with millimeter precision. Offering services of the best quality, cost and incomparable speed, with more than 15 years of experience.

Termotex has a presence in Panama, Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, Dominican Republic and the United States, our aspiration is to become the main provider of this type of system in America.

Why Termotex System ?


    We design our Projects in 3D with BIM construction integrated systems using Trimble® solutions. Allowing us to do Projects optimized every step of the way during its execution (waste and on ZERO design guaranteed).


    The profiles are developed with the cold formed structural system manufactured with numeric control. Using galvanized Steel (grade 50 or more) With a 1,3mm in 15m profiles, we can pridely say that we make an STRUCTURES PRINT.


    Products can be delivered between 4 and 6 weeks, starting from a finished architecture and our team doing the BIM design with LOD 400 level.


    Our assembly process is industrialized, with all the Wireless latest equipment and tools. We integrate the assembly by the systems we provide, accomplishing precision and speed comparing to the traditional system. Using light machinery that allows an important saving parallel to the traditional construction system.


    Our construction system applied to all projects is environmentally responsible because it uses 100% recyclable materials, both in the manufacturing and assembly process in the field, as well as when it is decided to demolish and dispose of what has been built. It is 200% more energy efficient and much more resistant to weathering wear than traditional ones. In addition, since our system is precision manufactured and in an industrially controlled environment, its use generates almost no waste on the job site. Excellent for obtaining a LEED Gold certification.

We Follow Trends and World Leaders in Construction Innovation

  • If an invention has been stolen, don’t worry that creativity is NOT copied.
  • If an idea has been stolen from you, don’t worry, the ideas are worth nothing! Ideas float around, and they occur to many people at the same time. What is worth millions is having the capacity to carry them out.
  • The perfect occasion will never exist, and neither will the perfect idea.
  • People (our clients) don’t know what they want until we show it to them.
  • The key to being successful is not to reduce costs, it is to invest in innovation.
  • To date there is no machine that is aware of what it is doing, but unbelievably, most of the time, neither do we.
  • Our human talent, first changing the way of thinking and analyzing a problem, before believing that it is solved by buying the best tool.
  • We can either focus on the obstacles or scale the wall and redefine the problem.
  • The fear of making mistakes is only overcome when you are sure you have done enough.
  • It is the decisions that one makes and not the conditions that one has, that determine destiny.

Factory for our products - Parque Industrial las Américas, Panamá

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